About us

About us


Equis® feed is a brand of CHS, Inc., a leading energy, grain and food company owned by farmers, ranchers, cooperatives and thousands of preferred stockholders across the United States. Learn more about CHS at chsinc.com.

Equis feeds are formulated and manufactured locally in our locations of Great Falls, Mont.; Harrisburg and Hermiston, Ore.; and Dickinson, N.D. We’re proud to bring you smart equine nutrition available at an incredible value.

Why should you choose Equis feed for your equine companions?

Advantages of our premium, advanced-nutrition products include:

Every ingredient is research-proven and highly digestible, enhancing your horse's appearance and performance.

Adding Alltech® BioMOS® and Diamond V Yeast Culture® ensures your horse's wellness and immune balance through nutritional excellence.

Fixed formulas keep your horse's feed consistent from bag to bag.

We've raised the quality standard by blending in additional amino acids, vitamins and minerals - guaranteed. 

Selenium yeast, also known as SelPlex® from Alltech®, provides an ensured source of selenium, which can be low in Northwest pastures and forages.

Chelated zinc, copper and manganese from Zinpro Performance Minerals® improve your horse's absorption of key trace minerals. They may be required in only small amounts each day, but play a critical role in numerous metabolic functions that affect the health and well-being of your horse.

The Equis line offers well-balanced, well-fortified feeds for the health of your horse without breaking your budget. 

Compared with the competition, Equis feeding rates are lower, which makes each bag go farther.