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Equis® feed

The Equis advantage: happy, healthy horses

Equis horse feeds offers a full line of horse feed for any type of horse - including seniors and minis - and for specific requirements, such as performance and metabolic needs. Equis horse feeds are formulated specifically for your region based on what's lacking in your forages. Learn more about our products to see which one best meets your horse's needs. 

Nutrition for modern-day horses

We can't know and love your horse the way you do, but we do know that high-quality, nutritious feed makes for happier, healthier horses. 

9 Equis feed bags
Full line of horse feeds
detail image of equis brand horse feed pellets
Consistent formulation with highly digestible ingredients
woman riding horse in arena
Performance ingredients
warehouse shelves with Equis feed bags
Manufactured in ionophore-free facilities
Cowgirl wearing equis shirt feeding horse
Premium feed at an affordable cost
Great Falls, Mont. CHS elevator
Made by CHS, a farmer-owned cooperative

Sponsored riders

Equis is proud to support these outstanding riders. 

Equis feed provides horses from miniature to draft breeds with premium, nutrient-rich feed.    

Equis stories

Learn why our customers turn to Equis to keep their equine companions happy and healthy. 


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