Equis Feed

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Nutrition for Modern Day Horses

The Equis® advantage: happy, healthy horses

We can’t know and love your horse the way you do. But we do know that high-quality, advanced-nutrition feed makes for happier, healthier horses. The Equis line of feeds from CHS Animal Nutrition provides horses from miniature to draft breeds with:

  • Highly digestible ingredients
  • Supplements for wellness and immune balance
  • More guaranteed nutrients, with chelated zinc, copper and manganese to improve their absorption
  • Selenium yeast to fortify for low-selenium levels in pastures and forages
  • Fixed formulas from bag-to-bag consistency

For the health of your horse and your peace of mind, Equis feed is made in Safe Feed/Safe Food Certified mills. CHS Animal Nutrition volunteered to be part of this exclusive certification program demonstrate our dedication to the highest standards of quality and safety in feed manufacturing.

As an owner, you’ll love knowing these premium feeds provide the balanced nutrition your horse needs, while keeping your feed budget in mind.

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