Nutrition Consulting

Feeding your equine companion a nutritionally sound ration enhances its health, happiness, performance and longevity. When you have questions, contact our Equis Feed consultants for expert advice on the best options based on your equine companion’s stage of life, level of activity and performance demands. Whether you’re an amateur or professional equestrian, they can help improve nutritional balance, simplify your feeding program, save money and make other feeding recommendations to complement Equis products.

Meet Natalie Shaw

Since 2008, Natalie Shaw has been the Equine Nutrition Specialist and the Equis Feed brand manager for CHS Nutrition. Her consulting experience in the Pacific Northwest has given her an in-depth understanding of regional equine nutrition needs. She earned the industry’s Professional Animal Scientist (Equine) certification in 2013. 

A graduate of Montana State University with an equine specialization in animal science, she currently is pursuing a master’s in agriculture from Washington State University. Her studies focus on the non-structural carbohydrate values of teff hay. Her passion for this topic grew when she recognized the pressing need for better forage options to feed the growing number of overweight and obese horses. Her goal is to aid horse owners needing low-carbohydrate diets for horses with a range of metabolic and digestive health issues.

Natalie is an accomplished equestrian and well-respected speaker. She is a graduate A in the United States Pony Club and a National Examiner, traveling the country to certify its members. She also is an active competitor in three-day eventing, which gives her unique insights for her nutrition recommendations.

Meet Crystal White

Crystal White began her association with CHS in 2007 as in intern for CHS Nutrition in Great Falls, Mont. She attended Kansas State University where she studied agribusiness and animal science. Throughout college, she worked at the university’s feed mill, which manufactured finished feeds for a number of species, including cattle, swine, poultry, sheep and horses. After graduating with her bachelor’s degree in May 2008, Crystal joined CHS Nutrition in June that year and has been with the cooperative ever since.

Working from the Great Falls feed plant, Crystal is an animal nutrition/feed consultant, specializing in beef cattle and equine. She also focuses on the all the species-specific bagged feed made at the plant. In her spare time, she competes in cutting events with her horses. 

Natalie Shaw

Crystal White