Vitamins and minerals play a critical role in balanced nutrition — whether for you or your horse. Equis Ultramin is the equivalent of a human daily vitamin. It’s formulated with Zinpro Performance Minerals®, the highest-quality trace minerals; dded digestive aids for individual horses or herds on pasture. Ultramin can be fed free choice or to complement unfortified grains.


  • • Equis® Ultramin was formulated as a free-choice vitamin and mineral supplement with added digestive aids for individual horses or herd groups on pasture.
  • • Also used to compliment unfortified grains or to complete daily vitamin and mineral requirements when feeding less than recommended levels of other Equis Feed products.
  • • Contains Xtra-Dry® weathering agent to keep product from hardening in wet conditions.
  • • Formulated to compliment Northwest forages. Enjoy the benefits of a premium supplement at an affordable cost.
  • • Includes Alltech® BioMOS® and Diamond V Yeast Culture® at manufacturer’s recommended levels for your horse’s digestive wellness and immune balance through nutritional excellence.
  • • Equis Ultramin features SelPlex® from Alltech® as a natural yeast derived selenium source due to the low availability of this trace mineral in northwest forages.
  • • Includes Zinpro® Performance Minerals®. Equis Feeds\ contain complexed trace minerals including zinc,\ manganese and copper. These minerals may only be required in small amounts each day, but they play a critical role in numerous metabolic functions that affect the health of the horse.


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*Contains Xtra-Dry® weathering agent.
**Contains Bio-Mos®. Bio-Mos® is a registered trademark of Alltech, Inc.

Guaranteed Analysis

Calcium minimum 12%
Calcium maximum 13%
Phosphorus minimum 12.0%
Salt minimum 5.5%
Salt maximum 6.5%
Magnesium minimum 0.5%
Cobalt minimum 60 ppm
Copper minimum 2,000 ppm
Iodine minimum 100 ppm
Iron minimum 2,000 ppm
Manganese minimum 2,000 ppm
Selenium minimum 42 ppm
Selenium maximum 47 ppm
Zinc minimum 5000 ppm
Vitamin A minimum 250,000 IU/lb
Vitamin D minimum 50,000 IU/lb
Vitamin E minimum 2,000 IU/lb

Feeding Directions

Activity Ounces of Ultramin per Day Ounces of Ultramin per 500 lbs of Body Weight per Day
Maintenance to Light Work 2 1
Moderate to Intense Performance 3 1.5

  • • Equis Ultramin can be fed free-choice to horses being fed hay or pasture.
  • • Equis Ultramin can also be top dressed on unfortified grains or when feeding less than 3 pounds of other Equis Feed products.
  • • With most feeding conditions, consumption should be approximately 2-2.25 ounces per head daily. Consumption will vary with the type of ration being fed and the individual appetites of horses.
  • • Feeding a minimum of 1.4% of body weight in roughage is highly recommended.
  • • See Equis Ultramin User’s Guide for more information and feeding suggestions.
  • • Livestock fed a phosphorus deficient ration may over-consume minerals when they are first offered. During the first week, limit the amount of mineral to the minimum amount allowed in the feeding directions and prevent individual animals from monopolizing access to the feed.