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Complete, balanced nutrition for the unique needs of the senior horse that may or may not be able to chew hay. Highly digestible and palatable feed ingredients, vitamins, minerals, and digestive aids make Equis Golden Senior the smart, affordable choice.

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A safer, smarter choice for providing necessary nutrients to your favorite equine. Equis Element has been formulated as a high fiber, high fat and lower carbohydrate option for the everyday equine including adult horses, ponies, and miniatures.

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An energy dense, textured feed for the active equine. Equis Performance blends calorie-rich grains, oils, fiber ingredients and highly digestible vitamins, minerals and digestive aids keep your horse at his proper weight and performance level.

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Fed as an excellent source of fat and fiber for all classes of horses. Equis Rice Bran is pelleted for ease of feeding and comes fortified with calcium to balance the important calciuma and phosphorus ratio of the diet.

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Daily   Complete

EQUIS DAILY 35% SUPPLEMENT A pelleted supplement for all ages and classes of horses. Equis Daily is fortified with vitamins, minerals, and digestive aids to keep your feeding program simple and balanced. It can be fed alone, mixed with unfortified grains or Equis Rice Bran, and to complete the vitamins and mineral requirement when feeding less than recommended levels of other Equis Feed products.

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Designed to provide both the roughage and concentrate portion of the adult horse’s diet. Equis Complete pellet and cube are viable noxious weed seed free for use in regulated areas. See certification label for proper use of this product.

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Generation   Golden Senior

A balanced, concentrated diet for the mare in her last trimester or during lactation, breeding stallions, and for the growing foal. Vitamins and minerals that are crucial for the health of the mare and foal are blended with multiple quality protein, fiber and energy sources.

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Designed to meet the vitamin and mineral needs for horses in most situations. Equis Ultramin can be used free choice, to compliment unfortified grains, or to complete the vitamin and mineral requirement when feeding less than recommended levels of other Equis Feed products.

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Teff Natural  

A grass hay based pelleted formula for horses requiring controlled non-structural carbohydrates and lower energy diets. Feed as a fiber supplement or as the complete diet in the case of sugar-starch sensitivities or allergies.

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