Customer "Feed" Back

Kathryn Daniel

I switched to Equis Element last fall.
Feeding is so much simpler and my 4 year old warmblood immediately filled out and was covered in dapples! I highly recommend Equis Feed.” Kathryn Daniel,

Kathryn Daniel, Make Your Mark Stables
Eugene, OR

Karen O'Neal

With 20-30 event horses in our barn at any given time, Equis Feed makes it easy.
Knowing that our horses are getting the nutrition they need to compete in a high demand sport is very reassuring. Our horses love their Equis Feed!

Karen O’Neal
FEI Competitor and Coach, O’Neal Farms, Inc
Spokane, WA

Travis Young

I have been feeding Equis for about three years. I love the product.
I have fed many of the other brands and during that time I was having trouble with the horses in stalls getting hot from the grain. Since I have started feeding Equis my stall horses are no longer hot. They are shiny, fat and seem very happy. I feed about 3 pounds of Element to all of my show horses once per day. I also feed element to my broodmares, weanlings and yearlings. One of the things I really like, is being able to feed the same feed to all of my horses regardless of their age or job and having them ALL look great. My horses are all on the mineral too.

Travis Young
Absarokee, MT

Tara Cashmere

I am a mounted shooting competitor and I began using Equis Feeds nearly a year ago now.
I am so grateful to have been introduced to the Ultramin, Performance, and Golden Senior formulas. My 30 year old gelding has been keeping a nice topline on him since I started him on Golden Senior, as well as acting like a spring chicken again. I am truely amazed at the amount of energy it has given him and he recovers much quicker from a long day of riding around from sun up to sun down at our shooting events.....he has a 7 year old little girl to keep up with! My Performance horses are genuinely focused and ready to work. I love that Equis Performance can give my athletes the competitive boost they need without hyping up their minds! Thank you Equis Feed, for sharing such a wonderful product. Equis has made me a believer and successful in the arena.”

Tara Gokey
Kittitas County Mounted Shooters
Ellensburg, WA

Wild West Events

As a rodeo announcer, rancher, and president of Wild West Events Inc, I have to have my horses in shape to perform.
About a year ago, I started feeding the horses I use for announcing rodeos and medieval shows EQUIS Performance. I can’t believe the difference in the way they perform and feel. Increased energy relates to increased attentiveness to the tasks I require them to do. I promote the EQUIS Performance and other EQUIS products every chance I get at rodeos I work. Timed event cowboys and barrel racers are especially receptive because performance in their horses makes the difference in winning or just showing up. Your EQUIS slogan “Enjoy the benefits of a nutritionally sound product at an affordable price” says it all. I feel every horse can and will benefit from EQUIS feed, such as Golden Senior or Element, but EQUIS Performance is my choice. BAR NONE!

Wayne White
Wild West Events Inc.
Creswell, OR


Equis Feeds has went above and beyond being an outstanding feed company.
I own a 35 year old quarter horse and have been feeding her the Equis Golden Senior feed with outstanding results. She has maintained her coat and health and doesn't look her 35yrs. Most people think she is half of her true age. Also I'm a board member for the Oregon Family Equestrian Activities and two years ago I spoke with Equis Feed representative about sponsoring OFEA, and boy did they! See, I was thinking we would get some feed donated and that would be the end of the sponsorship, WRONG! They not only donated feed for our horse shows but have helped with the simplest items such as numbers and helping promote our club as well. It has been so wonderful working with Natalie McGowan and the staff at the Harrisburg location. Everyone is so nice and friendly. With the help of Equis Feed, OFEA has been able to provide our members with outstanding shows and awards. This is a equine feed company that truely does say "hey we care about you, your horse, and what you do. We want to help you become a Champion!" I look forward to working with Equis Feed in the future. They are amazing, a joy to work with, that proof that excellent products do keep your horses healthy and happy.

Wendy Loper
OFEA Board Member
Owner of Skippers Peppy Lena-OFEA Champion halter, showmanship, and western equine
and Proud Owner of 35yr old Classy Cassy

Dakota Eldridge

I’m impressed with the results I’ve had with feeding EquisFeeds.
I use Performance, Senior, and Element. I have shiny coats, consistent weight, and overall great performance from my horses. Even with the stress of being hauled long hours and intense competition at college and prorodeos, EquisFeeds helps my horses maintain a steady level of energy and strength. From my 8 year old head horse to my 18 year old calf horse, EquisFeeds provides the right nutrition for any age. Thank you EquisFeeds for creating a great product, and helping me win while doing what I love. My horses are grateful too!!

Dakota Eldridge, Blue Mountain College
Pendleton, OR



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