Improving the Way We Feed Horses
Yeast Culture: Delivering Nutritional Value

The performance demands of today's equine athletes require more attention to detail. As you fine tune your feeding program, Diamond V Yeast Culture can play a key role in maximizing digestive performance. Read more.

Questions and Answers: Sel-Plex for Horses
What is Sel-Plex and how is it good for horses? Read more.

The Benefits of Trace Minerals in Equine Health
An adequate supply of trace minerals can benefit numerous metabolic functions, growth and development, immunity, reproduction and lactation. Read more.

Micro-Aid® for Horses:
Impact on Ammonia and Other Noxious Gases

Micro-Aid® is a safe, all-natural feed additive that has been proven through extensive research in multiple species to
reduce ammonia and other noxious gases. Research also demonstrates that Micro-Aid reduces intestinal ammonia, which then results in less damage to absorptive tissue, reduced gut oxygen consumption, and improved nutrient utilization. Read more.



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